N.C. Election Fraud Scandal Takes a Huge Turn Against Republicans

Much of America is aware of the voter fraud scandal in North Carolina, where Republican Mark Harris appeared to defeat Democrat Dan McCready in the U.S. House North Carolina District 9 election by a vote count of 139,246 to 138,341.

The close election, however, still has not been certified by state officials as they currently are investigating alleged election fraud by one of Harris’ campaign employees, Leslie McCrae Dowless.

Mark Harris has long been pointing his finger solely at Dowless, who is accused of a ‘coordinated, unlawful absentee ballot’ scheme.  Dowless allegedly paid workers to collect absentee ballots and then falsify witness certifications for them, potentially throwing the election in Harris’ favor.

Up until this point, Harris’ allies have blamed Dowless solely for the scheme, claiming that Harris was unaware of what had been going on.  On Wednesday, however, Harris’ own son, John Harris, apparently threw a wrench in that idea.

John Harris, an assistant US attorney in the Eastern District of North Carolina testified to elections officials on Wednesday that he had warned his father starting in April of 2017, via phone calls and emails, of the illegality of collecting absentee ballots.

“I love my dad and I love my mom,” John Harris stated, as his father Mark cried in background. “I certainly have no vendetta against them, no family scores to settle, OK? I think they made mistakes in this process, and they certainly did things differently than I would have done them… I told him that collecting absentee ballots was a felony and I would send him the statute that collecting ballots was a felony.”

This could be a huge turn of events for both Mark Harris and the North Carolina Republican party.  This surely will not be the end of this case.  Stay tuned.

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