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Mystery In LA: Who Hired The Skywriter to Troll Joe Rogan?

Mystery In LA: Who Hired The Skywriter to Troll Joe Rogan?

Who says romance is dead?

A skywriting message marriage proposal was seen up above West Hollywood, California, and the surrounding areas Saturday, which asked somebody named Mollie Pratt to marry them … reportedly followed up with “SHE SAID YES” … and then one last random train of thought.

After the Mollie stuff flew by, which had trailing messages like “I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING” and “UNTIL DEATH DO US PART”, the next part was a little less romantic and a lot more confusing. Maybe it was one of those inside jokes couples have, but the skywriting that followed read “JOE ROGAN IS LITEALLY (sic) 5 FOOT 3.”

Bummer to have a sky typo, but that’s not really the takeaway everyone had. Because why bring up Joe Rogan in a proposal at all?

The responsible party is still a mystery, but they definitely shelled out big time for the stunt. Skywriting messages cost thousands of dollars per message, and with that added punchline. it might’ve cost the future groom upwards of $10k.

Joe Rogan isn’t exactly who comes to mind when you picture a romantic wedding proposal, mainly because he’s a loud bald guy who pissed off a lot of people during the pandemic with different comments about COVID, cancel culture, “wokeness”, and Trump. Rogan’s official bio lists him as standing at 5’7″, but any dig at his height probably gets under his skin, and the mystery groom knew this.

This is the kind of thing that Twitter loves, because everyone has a take on Joe Rogan and how to drag him. Some are already turning into a chance to advocate for men of short stature. Others just want to rip on Rogan because they can. Here are some of the takes after that kooky proposal (best of luck, you two nutty kids!)

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