A Mysterious Grand Jury Case In D.C. Was Sealed Off Completely And Nobody Knows Why

The floor of a Washington D.C. courtroom was cleared out ahead of a secret grand jury proceeding which many believe is connected to the special counsel, Robert Mueller’s office.

Reporters from Buzzfeed, Reuters, and Politico took to Twitter after being removed from the 5th floor of the U.S. Court of Appeals just before arguments on the case were about to start.

Details on the case are limited. Politico reported that the grand jury matter was filed in August, with almost all the details on the docket sealed. The case involves an unnamed individual summoned to appear before a grand jury.

The case traveled from the U.S. District Court of Chief Judge Beryl Howell, to the Court of Appeals, back down to Howell, and back up to the Court of Appeals, with all the details removed and with atypical speed.

Judge Greg Katsas also recused himself from the case. As he was the courts only member appointed by President Donald Trump, it only furthered suspicion that the case was linked to Robert Mueller’s investigation.

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