Mysterious Band-aids Have Social Media Questioning Trump’s Health

When you are the President of the United States of America, everything little thing you do or say will be scrutinized to the nth degree.  Every piece of clothing you wear, every little spot of food you drip on your pants, and apparently ever little scrape, cut or bruise is examined closely as well.

Last Friday, Fox News host Sean Hannity posted a photo depicting his interview with President Trump at the Southern Border, but yesterday it was discovered that both the President and Hannity appeared to have matching band-aids on the top of their hands.

This got people talking.

While it’s most certainly not the case of some sort of “blood oath ritual” like Twitter user @Rschooley joked, it has brought up people’s concerns over the president’s health.

While the White House has not responded to our enquiries, those on social media are guessing why the top of Trump’s hand could have been bleeding — some serious and some not so much.

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