MyPillow Guy’s “Absolute Proof” Is “Textbook Actual Malice”

Dominion Voting Systems, which has been busy recently cranking out billion-dollar-plus defamation lawsuits, might be readying another. Its voting machines are a major villain in the new two-hour election fraud infomercial produced by MyPillow guy Mike Lindell and airing now through Monday on One America News Network (OAN).

OAN has been one of the leading outlets for spreading the false narrative that the 2020 election was flipped from Donald Trump to President Joe Biden by an incredibly well-coordinated set of international actors. The multimillionaire Lindell has been one of the loudest voices of all and he is paying OAN to air his self-financed production “Absolute Proof” multiple times per day.

In agreeing to take Lindell’s money, OAN insisted that every showing be preceded by a giant disclaimer that specifically cites Dominion: “OAN does not adopt or endorse any statements or opinions in this program regarding the following entities or people: US Dominion Inc. (and any related entities); Smartmatic USA Corp.; Brian Kemp; Brad Raffensperger; or Gabriel Sterling. Further, the statements and claims expressed in this program are presented at this time as opinions only and are not intended to be taken or interpreted by the viewer as established facts.”

If OAN thought it had insulated itself from potential lawsuits, Dominion’s lead attorney says think again. “Nice try by OAN, but it definitely does not relieve them of liability,” Thomas Clare told Law&Crime. “To the contrary, we warned them specifically and in writing that they would be broadcasting false and defamatory statements of fact if they broadcast the program, and they made the affirmative decision to disregarded that warning and broadcast it anyway.”

“Other outlets have refused to host it,” Clare said. “Textbook actual malice.”

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