MyPillow CEO is Aiding Fugitive Pro-Trump Colorado Election Official

Fugitive Mesa County, Colorado election official Tina Peters has a history of “sloppy habits” while doing her job that could be construed as election tampering according to her former co-workers who spoke to The Daily Beast.

During Peters’ first year as clerk in 2019, her office was blamed for leaving more than 570 uncounted ballots in a box, long past an election. Less than a year later, one of her office’s drop boxes leaked ballots, sending some floating in the summer breeze. Now Peters has gone underground to avoid an FBI investigation, reportedly hiding in a safe house provided by My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, after she allegedly participated in a breach of Mesa County voting machine data this year. That data soon wound up on conspiracy websites, making Peters a folk hero among the MAGA set and the subject of an FBI investigation.

It also makes Lindell guilty of being a co-conspirator and aiding and abetting a fugitive.

The Daily Beast reports that the ballot “slip-up” coincided with a rush of departures from Peters’ office. In December 2019, nearly 20 of Peters’ 32-person staff had departed, the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reported at the time. More staff quit days after the missing ballots were discovered, in late February 2020, bringing the departure count over two dozen.”

Peters claimed the leak was staged and blamed a local couple who’d reported the issue. The couple denied the allegation in an interview with the Daily Sentinel, where a reporter also noted ongoing issues with ballots becoming lodged in the dropbox.”

Read the full report at The Daily Beast.

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