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My Pillow Lindell Pumping Cash Into Trump Election Challenges

My Pillow Lindell Pumping Cash Into Trump Election Challenges

Rabid Donald Trump supporter Mike Lindell, saying he’s “not just the My Pillow guy,” has pumped more than $1 million of his own money into the effort to reverse the results of the Nov. 3 election and secure a second term for the president.

Lindell told the Daily Beast, “This president won by a lot, by a landslide! I know there was fraud. And I’m not just some pillow guy that they can mock out there. One thing I know is deviations. I look at numbers and charts every single day, and now I apply that to voting margins.”

The bedding salesman served as the co-chair for Trump’s Minnesota reelection campaign, has been a guest and spoken at Trump’s White House and made an impassioned “stop the steal” plea at a Washington, D.C., rally last weekend. He says that he’s been in contact with attorneys involved in Trump’s election results fight and others, including Michael Flynn to talk “all about fraud.”

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Lindell told the website that he’s given about $650,000 over the past month to attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell and put another $450,000 into the rallies in Washington and elsewhere, for the “March for Trump” tour and the Jericho March and Prayer rally. He also says he has launched “investigations and due diligence” into voting machines.

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“When everybody sees the fraud, there’s not going to be any civil war,” Lindell told The Beast. “Everybody on the left and even Trump-haters are going to go, ‘Wow, he really did win.’ They’re not going to be upset to the point of rioting, because they’ll see they didn’t win fairly, and let me tell you, a lot of people are going to go to prison for this, and I think there are evil Deep Staters involved in this, too.”

He even believes that Fox News is in on the steal. “They had to be in on it,” Lindell says.

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