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My Pillow Guy Says The Devil is Attacking His Website, Retweets QAnon Theory

My Pillow Guy Says The Devil is Attacking His Website, Retweets QAnon Theory

There are a number of CEO’s and companies that are chipping in to help the US build supplies for the COVID-19 epidemic. Just one of those business owners, My Pillow’s Mike Lindell, got to appear alongside Donald Trump during a press briefing.

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And if people thought that Lindell’s comments were strange during the presser, they were nothing compared to some of his comments afterwards. This week, the pillow guru has not only retweeted a QAnon theory, he’s also said that the devil is attacking his website.

The Right Wing Watch Twitter feed uncovered the QAnon tweet. Lindell retweeted a message that read, “What an interesting coupon code for My Pillow to have right now! Not a bad discount either. Looks like it’s stll working, try it for yourself. Didn’t POTUS just bring the MyPillow CEO to the White House, too? What a coincidence.”

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Lindell also complained about issues with his website during an interview with Evangelical Leader, Tony Perkins. He claimed, “My website, we’ve never had this happen. It keeps breaking, things keep happening, and it’s just — I just think it’s the devil. I mean, it’s evil attacking MyPillow because it knows we’re winning … We’re winning. We’re bringing God back to the country.”

Perkins leads the Family Research Council, which is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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