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My Pillow Guy Says That He Has Trump’s Backing to Run for Governor of Minnesota

My Pillow Guy Says That He Has Trump’s Backing to Run for Governor of Minnesota

To hold public office used to be a noble ambition. Then in November of 2016, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Now everyone in Trump’s orbit believes the same thing can happen to them. Ivanka Trump may primary Marco Rubio. Lara Trump thinks she may be the next senator from the state of North Carolina.

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Even the My Pillow Guy thinks there’s a future for him in politics. Mike Lindell says he recently had a conversation with Donald Trump about running for Governor of Minnesota. And according to the AP’s Steve Karnowski, Trump told him it was a good idea.

Lindell tells the AP that Trump told him, “Mike, if you did it, I would get behind you.”

Karnowski reports:

“It’s a prospect that sends shivers down the spines of some Republicans in the state — where Trump lost by 7 percentage points — and cuts to the heart of the national party’s existential crisis. While many Republicans, particularly those in Washington, are eager to move on from the former president and his personality-driven, racially divisive politics, Trump’s acolytes across the country are already preparing to pick up the torch.”

Former Minnesota GOP Governor Tim Pawlenty shot the plan down. He told the AP, “The Repub\lican brand has become toxic in the eyes of too many young people, formerly supportive suburbanites, women and diverse voters. We don’t need to guess how a general election campaign will go here for any candidate viewed mostly as a Trump proxy. Trump lost here twice and it wasn’t even close the second time.”

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