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My Pillow Guy Says he May Sue Anderson Cooper for Calling him a “Snake-Oil Salesman”

My Pillow Guy Says he May Sue Anderson Cooper for Calling him a “Snake-Oil Salesman”

If you are to watch Fox News on any given night, you aren’t likely to see much variety in the commercials. Hosts like Tucker Carlson have hemorrhaged sponsors over the last few years thanks to controversial statements. Luckily for the network, Mike Lindell has been there to fill in the gaps.

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Not only does he buy a ton of airspace on Fox, the My Pillow Guy has also become a semi-adviser to Donald Trump. Recently Lindell appeared on CNN to hawk an untested COVID-19 drug. It was a disaster and clips of the interview soon went viral. The business owner is now threatening to sue Anderson Cooper for calling him a snake-oil salesman.

Lindell has retained L. Lin Wood to act as his attorney. Wood has gained fame for representing clients like Richard Jewell and John and Patsy Ramsey.

Wood sent CNN a letter threatening to sue Cooper unless he “retracted his claim that Lindell was a ‘snake oil salesman’ for pushing Oleandrin.”

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The letter further read, “While I am fully aware that Cooper’s sarcastic, mocking, derisive, and demeaning tone, attitude and facial expressions toward Mr. Lindell are not legally actionable, I have complete confidence that Cooper’s false and defamatory accusations are actionable.”

Neither Cooper nor CNN has yet to respond to the letter.

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