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My Pillow Guy Prepping Stolen Election “Documentary” Sequel

My Pillow Guy Prepping Stolen Election “Documentary” Sequel

For years Hollywood studios have sought to build movie franchises by cranking out pictures based on the same main characters and/or plot lines. Think “Batman,” “Rocky,” “Avengers,” etc. Based on media reports it looks like Trump-defending My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is following suit.

In February Lindell released what he claimed was “the most important documentary in history” about the 2020 presidential election. One America News Network (OAN) took Lindell’s money and aired the production multiple times, although each broadcast included a lengthy disclaimer indicating that the network had nothing to do with its content. That was probably a good thing because Lindell was promptly sued by Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic for billions.

That “documentary” consisted almost entirely of him interviewing fellow voter-fraud conspiracy theorists as they made the same baseless allegations they had been making for months.

Thursday night, during an appearance on The Victory Channel’s “Flashpoint” program, Lindell announced the upcoming release of a sequel, along with a new lawsuit that he predicted will finally prompt the Supreme Court to take up the issue, resulting in a 9-0 ruling that the election was stolen from Trump.

“There are great things coming,” Lindell declared. “Within the next 10 days or so, there’s going to be a platform I’m putting out that’s going to be the focal point where everyone can go out and there’s they can’t stop [us, like they do on] YouTube and all this stuff. What we’re gonna do, we’re gonna put out evidence every single day, more and more. The stuff that’s going on right now, you guys cannot believe it.”

He’s probably right about that last point.

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To support his announcement Lindell had posted a teaser on the video sharing site Vimeo. But by early Friday afternoon, that video, in which he falsely claimed the 2020 presidential election had been stolen from Donald Trump, appears to have been banished from the site.

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