My Pillow Guy Has Nowhere To Safely Lay His Head

The MyPillow guy is on the run. The fervently Donald Trump-supporting Mike Lindell says he hasn’t slept at his Minnesota home in two months and will no longer attend in-person events out of fear for his safety.

Since the November election that Trump lost, Lindell has been super busy spreading the false conspiracy theory that Dominion Voting Systems’ machines switched votes from Trump to actual President Joe Biden. That absurd claim has earned him a billion-dollar-plus lawsuit, gotten him banned from Twitter and caused a number of major retailers to discontinue selling his pillows and other sleep-related products.

In a bizarre appearance Monday on something called “The Domenick Nati Show” on YouTube, Lindell told the cigar-puffing host, “I absolutely move around to undisclosed locations. I haven’t been back to Minnesota and anybody out there that is looking for me, I haven’t been back there in two months.” Other than process servers working for voting machine manufacturers who he has slandered, it’s not clear who exactly might be looking for Lindell.

Lindell says he only attends events virtually, saying it’s “too risky” for him to appear in person and he doesn’t want to put himself or other people “in jeopardy.”

He says he’s putting the finishing touches on a second documentary that he promises will prove the fraud of the 2020 election and has amassed “big teams” of investigators who are looking into who or what’s behind the “cancel culture” he is seeking to cancel. One of his current targets is Twitter, which he suggests at one point seized control of his personal account.

“Jack Dorsey (Twitter founder and CEO) is involved in a lot of evil,” Lindell said. “They took my Twitter, they were running my Twitter, not just taking it down. … They were retweeting things making it look like Mike Lindell was OK with stuff.”

But wait, there’s more, as you would have heard on any of the infomercials that he used to help launch his company. Lindell also says he’s started a “Lindell Legal Offense Fund” – because “we don’t go on defense people. We go on offense.” And he’s promising to launch a new social media platform, Vocl, within the next two weeks. It will be “the biggest platform in history, the safest platform ever.”

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