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MUST WATCH: Donald Trump Retweets Really Weird Randy Quaid Video Blaming Fox News For Election Loss

MUST WATCH: Donald Trump Retweets Really Weird Randy Quaid Video Blaming Fox News For Election Loss

Donald Trump still insists that the 2020 Presidential election was ‘rigged’ and that a recount of “all the legal votes” would name him the winner. (Pro-tip: the votes counted were the legal votes, and Trump didn’t win.) However, that didn’t stop him from retweeting a inexplicably strange video from Randy Quaid in which the actor, close to the camera and backed by strobe effects, blames Fox News for the different outcome in this election.

[Screenshot via Randy Quaid/Twitter]

Donald Trump is always quick to retweet content supporting him, regardless of how outrageous that support might be. This time around, Trump’s morning Twitter session included Randy Quaid. Check out the video below, but viewers who are sensitive to flashing lights may prefer to just listen to the audio, because the video does have some visual effects that could be disturbing.

Fox News daytime ratings have completely collapsed. Weekend daytime, even worse. Very sad to watch this happen. [tsk tsk tsk] They forgot what made them successful. What got them there. They forgot the golden goose. The only difference between the 2016 election and 2020 is Fox News.

What’s stranger and more unbelievable than this video? The fact that the President of the United States retweeted it.

DOnald Trump and Randy Quaid tweets
[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Twitter]

While he was at it, he also retweeted several posts from Quaid, including demands for a re-vote, repetition of Trump’s own false claims about widespread election fraud, and flattery of Trump.




Of these three, two of Quaid’s tweets were flagged by Twitter for disputed claims regarding the election, and in the other, Trump’s own comments (calling the election a ‘hoax’) were flagged.

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Trump also retweeted a video from last year, in which Quaid sits backward on a chair and orates about Big Pharma, “Trump Trumpets Reveille,” Lilliputians, icebergs melting in to dinosaurs, and much more, all crammed into only two minutes.

The most bizarre thing of all, though, is the cognitive dissonance displayed in the tweets — how is it possible to simultaneously claim that there was massive fraud carried out by Democrats and election workers, and that the “only difference” between this election and the previous one was the role played by Fox News?

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