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Multiple Polls Showing Americans Happy With Kamala Harris Pick

Multiple Polls Showing Americans Happy With Kamala Harris Pick

Kamala Harris was long seen as one of the favorites to become Joe Biden’s running mate. That didn’t mean, however, that is was an automatic decision. Biden had a thoughtful vetting process, interviewing 11 different women for the position.

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After the decision was made on Wednesday, Republicans worked to attack Harris. Voters, though, are seemingly happy with the selection made by the Biden campaign. A number of different polls are showing that Americans support the choice of the California senator.

This is especially true of African American voters, who make up around 13% of the electorate. In a poll conducted by the Morning Consult, 43% of Black voters said they were much more likely to vote for Biden after his selection of Harris. Another 15% of African American voters said that they were somewhat more likely to vote for the Democratic candidite now.

A recent Politico poll showed that 53% of voters approve of the selction of Harris. Among Democrats, the number goes up to 84%.

In the same survey, 45% of respondents said that they view Harris favorably compared to 37% with a negative view. Both Biden (52%) and Harris (45%) had a higher favorability rating that Donald Trump.

The Morning Consult’s Kyle Dropp said of the findings:

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“Following his selection of Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate, former Vice President Joe Biden’s favorability has hit its highest point in our tracking since June. The California senator is well known and viewed in a favorable light by likely voters — including minority voters who are key to the ticket’s hopes of beating President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence this fall.”


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