Multiple GOP Senators Come Out Against Trump’s Militarization Plan

Donald Trump emerged from his White House bunker on Monday night a very angry man. The President held a presser in the Rose Garden where he warned of militarizing cities having difficulty with riots.

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

The idea of sending the military into states where governors have not requested them would be an unprecedented step. A number of Trump’s fellow Republicans said on Tuesday that they thought it would be a bad idea.

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has been one of the few Republican senators to frequently vote with her conscience. She told reporters, “I don’t think militarization is the answer to the anxiety and fear, the distrust … that we feel right now. It is not the response.”

The Alaska senator was also one of the very few willing to speak out against Trump’s use of force on peaceful protesters last night. Murkowski said to CNN’s Kasie Hunt, “What we saw last night was not the America that I know.”

Lindsey Graham, who has become a well-known ally of the President also did not think militarization was a great idea. “I don’t think the Pentagon’s keen on getting brought into this unless they absolutely have to,” the senator said. “We need to restore order but using active duty military troops in circumstances like this is a fairly rare occurrence. So as a last resort.”

John Thune of South Dakota thought the plan could make things worse. He remarked, “[I would] prefer that these things be handled by the state and local authorities … You want to de-escalate, rather than escalate.”



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