Multiple GOP Lawmakers Urge Trump Against Tanking Defense Bill

Donald Trump lost the 2020 election and he is having a really tough time processing it. The president, though, does realize he still has enormous power and can still wield it for another month and a half. So he has decided to get revenge on Twitter for fact checking him by tanking a defense bill.

Conservative radio host would die to keep Trump in office, he says.
[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]
GOP lawmakers have mostly given the president space to mourn his loss. Most have allowed him to contest an election that wasn’t all that close without any criticism. But on Wednesday, a number of Republicans urged Trump against vetoing the defense bill.

South Dakota’s John Thune hoped the bill would pass without “a lot of drama. I don’t think the defense bill is the place to litigate that. There will be enormous support for getting the defense authorization bill passed and hopefully signed into law.”

Jim Inhofe said of Trump, “Well, we just had an honest disagreement, very friendly.” The Oklahoma senator continued, “230 has nothing to do with the military. I agree with his sentiments … but you can’t do it in this bill. That’s not a part of the bill.”

And Florida’s Marco Rubio remarked, “I don’t know if vetoing would be the right approach because of the damage it would inflict. I’m just not convinced that NDAA would be the right place to make that stand.”

It is yet to be seen if the lame duck president will take their words to heart.

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