Multiple Democrats are Now Talking Impeachment

For the duration of Robert Mueller’s investigation, democratic leaders have largely remained mum on the topic of impeaching Donald Trump. The party has been content to wait until Mueller and his team release their findings.

Gage Skidmore

According to Natasha Bertrand from the Atlantic, there seems to be a shift in this strategy. The shift is related to a number of factors from Rod Rosenstein’s planned Justice Department Departure to a bombshell report from Buzzfeed.

Donald Trump also tapped William Barr to be his next Attorney General and Barr’s sworn testimony has left some Democrats worried that he will not allow Mueller to share his full findings with Congress.

The Buzzfeed report seems to have been a tipping point for Democrats to begin calling for impeachment. According to the report, Donald Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about a Trump Tower deal in Moscow.

This led to swift and immediate calls for Trump’s impeachment. Texas Congressman, Joaquin Castro, tweeted, “If the story is true, President Trump must resign or be impeached.”

Connecticut Senator, Chris Murphy, wants Mueller to release his findings early. He wrote, “Listen, if Mueller does have multiple sources confirming Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress, then we need to know this ASAP. Mueller shouldn’t end his inquiry, but it’s about time for him to show Congress his cards before it’s too late for us to act.”
The timing of the Buzzfeed story is interesting. Barr was asked earlier this week if it was a crime to compel a witness to lie to Congress. He replied, “Yes, under an obstruction statute, yes.”

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