Mueller To Reveal Middle Eastern Countries’ Efforts To Influence US Politics, Potentially Corroborating More Of The Steele Dossier

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office is set to reveal Middle Eastern countries’ efforts to influence American politics in court filings that are scheduled for early 2019, according to sources close to the probe.

This newest revelation possibly corroborates Steele Dossier claims that Trump associates did not fear “the negative media publicity surrounding alleged Russian interference,” because it distracted attention from his “business dealings in China and other emerging markets,” which involved “large bribes and kickbacks” that could be devastating if revealed.

Steele Dossier
Photo Credit: BuzzFeed: Mark Schoofs

Prosecutors have questioned witnesses associated with the Trump campaign about conversations with deeply-connected people from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel, sources told the Daily Beast. Topics of conversation included the overthrow of the Iranian regime to manipulating social media to help Trump win the presidency.

The UAE are classified as emerging markets by MSCI Inc. (formerly Morgan Stanley Capital International and MSCI Barra), which corroborates Steele Dossier claims that Trump’s business dealings in emerging markets could prove to be damaging to his administration.

While Mueller’s probe into Russian spies and trolls have received considerable news coverage, another part of his team has been investigating how Middle Eastern countries have been anteing up cash in Washington, DC to influence policy-making in the Trump administration.

“If this is going to be unveiled, this would be like the surfacing of the submarine but on the other plank which we haven’t seen,” said Harry Litman, a former U.S. attorney. “I guess what Mueller has to date has turned out to be pretty rich and detailed and more than we anticipated. This could turn out to be a rich part of the overall story.”

The Mueller investigation’s switch in focus from Russia to the Middle East comes as Mueller winds down his questioning of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who participated in 19 interviews with the special counsel’s team.

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