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Mueller Team Meets In DC Courtroom With Roger Stone Aide Andrew Miller’s Attorneys

Mueller Team Meets In DC Courtroom With Roger Stone Aide Andrew Miller’s Attorneys

There has been a lot of speculation as of late as to if and when former Trump advisor Roger Stone will be indicted in the Mueller probe.  Stone himself even has suggested that he may be indicted by Mueller at some point.

There are a lot of assumptions being made, but many legal scholars have surmised that Roger Stone is one of the unnamed people in Mueller’s latest indictment of 12 Russian GRU spies.

Robert Mueller – Source: Wikimedia Commons

Today in Washington DC, things got just a bit more interesting, as attorneys for Roger Stone’s one-time go-to-guy, Andrew Miller, were seen coming out of the D.C. courtroom of Chief U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell.

While reporters were not permitted into the courtroom, the attorneys for Andrew Miller walked in just a few minutes after five of Robert Mueller’s attorneys, including Adam Jed, Michael Dreeben, and Elizabeth Prelogar, were seen entering.

Late last month, Bloomberg reported that Andrew Miller was seeking to squash a Mueller subpoena, based on the argument that Mueller isn’t a constitutionally appointed officer, so it’s possible that this meeting was concerning that.  It’s very unlikely that the subpoena will be thrown out based on this argument.

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It’s also possible that Miller is working to avoid having to appear before the Special Counsel’s Grand Jury, by cooperating with the probe instead.

Everyone has been tight-lipped so far about today’s meeting, and that isn’t expected to change anytime soon.

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