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Mueller Reportedly Preparing Court Filings Related to Trump/Russia Sanctions Talks

Mueller Reportedly Preparing Court Filings Related to Trump/Russia Sanctions Talks

While those on both sides of the aisle continue arguing about possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, there finally appears to be major movement by Mueller on this front.

According to three different sources speaking on the condition of anonymity to The Daily Beast, the special counsel’s office is preparing to file important court documents that may clarify some of the questions we all have.  According to these sources, the documents will detail key discussions between Trump officials and Russians, in regard sanctions relief.

According to The Daily Beast, Mueller is particularly “zeroing in on Trumpworld figures who may have attempted to shape the administration’s foreign policy by offering to ease U.S. sanctions.”

Over the course of the last couple of months, Robert Mueller appears to be trying to spell out a story for the American people, using court filings to do just that. In sentencing memos for Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn, the special counsel’s office has been dropping new clues, not only showing that Trump associates committed crimes, but loosely linking some of those crimes to the President and his close inner circle themselves.

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“During his investigation Mueller has shown little proclivity for chasing dead ends,” said Paul Pelletier, a former senior DOJ official told The Daily Beast. “His continued focus on the evidence that members of the Trump campaign discussed sanction relief with Russians shows that his evidence of a criminal violation continues to sharpen. This has to come as especially bad news for the President.”

If Mueller can begin to paint a picture which shows that those closely tied to the president, via his campaign and transition teams, actively worked to relieve Russian sanctions and in exchange got something in return, the chants of “no collusion” may abruptly be silenced.

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