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Mueller Report: Sarah Sanders Admitted To Lying About Comey’s Firing

Mueller Report: Sarah Sanders Admitted To Lying About Comey’s Firing

Trump administration Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a less-than-stellar reputation when it comes to telling the truth.

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Now, thanks to the Mueller report released Thursday morning, there’s a record of her admitting, under oath, that she doesn’t always tell the truth to reporters and the American people.

The Mueller report, compiled by a team of investigators under direction of special counsel Robert Mueller, detailed how President Donald Trump had fired former FBI Director James Comey, who incidentally was leading the Russia investigation before Mueller was appointed.

Trump fired Comey, according to the administration’s official line at the time, for a variety of reasons, including citing incompetence on the job and the fact that agents at the FBI didn’t like him anymore.

Sanders pushed the latter rationale especially in May 2017, days after Comey was terminated, according to reporting from CNBC. But when investigators later questioned Sanders on the subject in the course of their inquiry — and with her now having to answer their questions truthfully — she acknowledged, on the matter of agents losing confidence in Comey, that the administration made the whole thing up.

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Per the Mueller report itself, investigators noted that “the evidence does not support those claims” that FBI agents had lost confidence in Comey, and indeed the president had praised the former FBI director during a dinner earlier in 2017. When pressed, Sanders “acknowledged to investigators that her comments were not founded on anything,” the report stated.

The days after Comey’s firing were indeed confusing, as the administration tried to throw out many ideas over why Trump had fired the former FBI director. They also had to play clean-up a bit, after the president said during an interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt that part of the reason he fired Comey was because of “this Russia thing,” according to previous reporting from HillReporter.com.

Such an admission was construed by some as Trump trying to interfere with the Russia investigation itself, which could have resulted in charges of obstruction of justice in some people’s minds at the time.

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