Mueller Likely to Expose ’40 Years of Trump Crimes’ Within 60-120 Days According to Tony Schwartz

The famed ghost writer of President Donald Trump’s best-seller “The Art of the Deal, Tony Schwartz, has been one of the president’s biggest critics and alarmists. This morning, however, Mr. Schwartz appeared on CNN and may have made one of his most damning comments yet towards Mr. Trump.

Schwartz, who joined CNN this morning to discuss yesterday’s New York Times op-ed by a senior White House official claiming to be “part of the resistance inside the Trump administration,” had quite a lot to say.

“I think what is happening — and you can see it in his tweets, you can see it in the language that he’s using — is that he’s more and more isolated. He is at the point — and I think he would be right at this point — to believe that there’s almost no one he can trust… and he’s in big trouble,” Schwartz told CNN.

‘The Art of the Deal’ author then went on to elaborate on just how expansive the Mueller probe likely is, saying that “Bob Mueller probably has 40 years worth of crimes that he is going to unfold… some time in the next 60 to 120 days that will change this, from a legal perspective, in a dramatic way.”

While, Schwartz likely doesn’t have any sort of inside knowledge related to Mueller’s timing, it is very possible that he does have inside knowledge regarding possible crimes committed by Mr. Trump over the last several decades. It also appears that Schwartz is concluding that Mueller will wait until after the election to proceed with his report, as the election is just 61 days away.

The complete CNN interview can be seen below:

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