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Mueller Had Indictment Against Trump Ready, ‘Fire And Fury’ Author Wolff Claims

Mueller Had Indictment Against Trump Ready, ‘Fire And Fury’ Author Wolff Claims

Journalist Michael Wolff, who penned a controversial book called “Fire and Fury” about the Trump administration that was published in January last year, is set to produce a new work next week called “Siege: Trump Under Fire.”

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Within the new publication, Wolff is set to dish out more controversies that have surrounded President Donald Trump — including one explosive revelation concerning the investigation into his White House led by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Wolff alleges in his new book, for instance, that Mueller had put together a three-count obstruction of justice charge against Trump for his attempts to interfere with the Russia investigation, according to reporting from The Guardian, which obtained a preview of the book. Mueller ultimately decided not to pursue the indictment, according to Wolff’s reporting, opting instead to adhere to the Justice Department policy of not charging a sitting president with a crime.

Mueller’s spokesman Peter Carr denied the allegations made by Wolff.

“The documents you’ve described do not exist,” Carr told The Guardian.

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Wolff’s previously published book was controversial in that it contained elements of truth and fiction within it, some have alleged. While parts of “Fire and Fury” were later corroborated through additional works (such as Watergate journalist Bob Woodward’s book “Fear: Trump in the White House”), others disputed many aspects of Wolff’s allegations in his first publication detailing the Trump White House.

“I believe parts of it, and then there are other parts that are factually wrong. [Wolff] believes in larger truths and narratives,” New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman explained at the time, per reporting from CNBC. “So he creates a narrative that is notionally true, that’s conceptually true. The details are often wrong.”

“Siege: Trump Under Fire” is set to be published on June 4.

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