Mueller Findings Will Make it Easier to Indict Don Jr. and Jared Kushner, According to Watergate Prosecutor

William Barr’s interpretation of the Mueller report has left many to claim that Donald Trump is now in the clear.  Whether you agree with this conclusion or not, this may not be true of the president’s children and extended family.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Newsweek recently spoke with Watergate prosecutor, David Dorsen, about the fallout from the report’s release. Dorsen feels that efforts to indict Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner will now be, “much easier.”

Dorsen told the magazine, “While Mueller says he’s not going to recommend the indictment of Donald Trump senior for a variety of reasons, his work has made it a lot easier for prosecutors of other members of his family to put together indictments.”

The former prosecutor continued, “What the Mueller report has done is in effect itemized the evidence against Donald Trump for obstruction of justice, which included presumably new material, and much of that information would be applicable to Kushner and Donald Jr.”

While the Mueller report has been submitted, Trump and his associates are still being investigated in New York and other jurisdictions. In his recent congressional testimony, Trump was implicated in a crime by former attorney, Michael Cohen. Dorsen believes Mueller’s investigation will provide the Southern District of New York with, “a bonanza of evidence.”

The president has benefited from a number of precedents, including the argument that a sitting president cannot be indicted. That argument, though, does not stand for his children. Dorsen finished his interview, “The Constitution does not protect a president’s children.”


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