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Mueller Call Forces Jerome Corsi to Abruptly Shut Down Scheduled Interview

Mueller Call Forces Jerome Corsi to Abruptly Shut Down Scheduled Interview

Jerome Corsi, a confidant of Roger Stone, has become a key name in the Mueller investigation. Corsi has been speaking with Mueller for the last few weeks as have a number of Stone’s friends.

Anna Schecter from the Daily Beast was planning on speaking with Corsi today, but his lawyers shut the talk down. The lawyers were apparently panicked by a call they received from the Special Counsel’s office.

Schecter appeared on MSNBC to relay her story. She told Stephanie Ruhle, “His lawyer says ‘shut it down, you’re not doing the interview. His lawyer just had a call with special counsel’s office. He won’t tell me what transpired in that call.”

Mueller’s team was interested in speaking with Corsi about Wikileaks. Corsi said that he and Stone had discussed Wikileaks and the email dump shortly before the 2016 election.

Corsi, known for his involvement in conspiracy theories, felt he was a source for Stone. He wrote on Infowars, “I am confident that I am the source behind Stone’s tweet.”

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Corsi said in a YouTube video that he expected to be indicted for lying to the FBI. He claims the interrogators had set up a perjury trap and their questions had turned his mind to mush. The video also included a plea to supporters for donations towards his legal fees.

It is unknown what was said by the Special Counsel to Corsi’s attorney, but the interview with the Daily Beast could have potentially incriminated Corsi further. His lawyers made sure he did not have the opportunity to do so.

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