Mueller Begins Writing Final Report – Requests Trump Tower Call & Visitor Logs With Roger Stone

While everyone expected a quiet period in the Russia probe leading up to the midterm elections this week, no one besides the Mueller team themselves know for sure how long the quiet will actually last. With political pundits on both sides of the aisle expecting additional charges and indictments coming from the Special Counsel, it now appears as if Robert Mueller and his team are beginning to reach key conclusions in their 18-month-long investigation.

According to multiple sources speaking to CNN on the condition of anonymity, Robert Mueller and his team have begun writing their final report and have also requested specific information from the Trump legal team.

According to some of these same sources, within the last month Mueller has asked Trump’s attorneys to produce key call logs and visitor logs from Trump Tower in New York, related to former campaign adviser Roger Stone.

Additionally Trump and his legal team are preparing to answer multiple questions asked by the Special Counsel’s office regarding the Russia probe, and aim to have their answers submitted by the end of November.

The fact that Mueller is probing calls between the president and Roger Stone, who appears to have coordinated with Wikileaks and hackers during their release of the stolen Clinton emails back in 2016, indicates that he may be trying to build a conspiracy case against the President and/or his family.

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