MTG Flips After Speaker Johnson Says He Won't Pursue Biden Impeachement

After the Republicans took control of Congress in 2022, they made California's Kevin McCarthy the Speaker of the House. With such a slim majority, McCarthy made several concessions that made him a very weak leader. The MAGA component of the House GOP ran roughshod over him. 

Less than a year after he became Speaker, Matt Gaetz used the tools at his disposal to depose McCarthy. The newly elected Speaker of the House is Mike Johnson. Johnson has MAGA bonafides. He was a leading voice in the attempt to steal the 2020 election. 

But Johnson also wants a chance at actually governing. Which means he can focus all his energy on culture war issues. He recently said of the long attempt to impeach Joe Biden despite no evidence of GOP claims, "There is insufficient evidence at the moment to initiate formal impeachment proceedings."

The Georgia Congresswoman linked to Johnson's words and tweeted, "Not long ago we had a Speaker that believed in impeachment so much that he launched an inquiry without a floor vote, but you were told he was bad."

Greene's post continued, "After 8 R’s and all D’s ousted him, we found checks to Joe Biden and evidence of a massive money laundering scheme and now the new guy you are told is way better doesn’t want to impeach. Such progress."