MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Mocks Trump Over Gallup Poll Plunge

The “rally around the flag effect”, where politicians see their approval ratings soar in times of national crisis is very real. Following 9/11 George W. Bush went all the way up to 90%, the highest recorded rating in Gallup’s polling history.

Photo credit: blogswarm/YouTube

While nowhere near that of Bush, Donald Trump also saw a big rating bump in the early days of COVID-19. The President, who almost always has a net negative rating, held a 4% net positive rating in late March. In the latest poll, Trump has plunged back to a net 11% negative rating. During Thursday’s show, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace had a couple guesses why this happened.

Trump’s outlandish claims and mismanagement of the crisis seem to be taking a toll on his public standing as well,” said the host. “It makes me gasp to see the Gallup [approval] numbers plunge six points when Donald Trump is the one standing in the Rose Garden literally with his hands on his approval rating plunging them down by blabbing for hours and hours and hours.”


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