MSNBC’s Heiliemann: Yesterday’s Impeachment Vote Proved GOP is Morally and Intellectually Dead

Tuesday afternoon saw the first day of the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. House impeachment manager Jamie Raskin gave an emotional speech about the damage done that day. Trump’s lawyer’s were so bad that they reportedly left the former president fuming down in Florida.

Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Showtime

Despite the contrast of the performances, only one Republican was moved to change his prior vote on the constitutionality of the case. Louisiana’s Bill Cassidy said he had no choice but flip after the presentation by the lawyers.

44 other Republican senators apparently liked what they saw. This fact, says MSNBC’s John Heilemann, shows that the GOP is morally and intellectually dead.

Heilemann explained on Morning Joe Wednesday morning, “Republican senators sat there yesterday, and while that video played stared at their shoes and looked at their phones and passed notes to each other and tried to avert their eyes from the plain truth of what they were watching.”

The pundit continued:

“Republican senators, not only did what you just said, exhibited the moral zombie quality come to dominate the Republican Party, it’s still alive, the party, [but] it’s dead intellectually, dead morally, not only did they turn away from all the things you said they turned away from and the plain facts, the culpability of the president, they also turned away from a generation upon generation of conservative, judicial ideology. The party believes nothing anymore. If they voted the way they voted yesterday on this constitutional question. It’s just a devastating indictment of where the party is intellectually, ideologically and morally.”

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