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MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Hints that Robert Mueller May Drop Bombshell Today

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Hints that Robert Mueller May Drop Bombshell Today

As the days and the weeks on the calendar flip by, Republicans, as well as the president and his attorneys, continue to increase their pressure on the Mueller probe to either produce something incriminating on the president or shut down the investigation altogether. And although this investigation’s length pales in comparison to other special counsel investigations, Mueller is currently put in a bit of a difficult situation, timing wise.

Typically the FBI tries not to interfere with an election 60 days prior to that election taking place. That means that after next Friday, Mueller will likely wait until at least November 7th to make any major announcements related to his investigation in Russian election interference. If he fails to make any clear statement, via further indictments or a statement itself, he will likely have his hands tied for yet another two months.

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd brought this up yesterday, along with commentary suggesting that something big could come today.

“I’ll be honest with you. I’m not missing work tomorrow,” Todd said, referencing today, Friday the 31st of August, “I wouldn’t miss work tomorrow. Not to be totally cliche, but 5 o’clock tomorrow is a big deadline, isn’t it?”

Today is the last business day prior to Labor day, and also happens to be the day of the week, Friday, that many past indictments have been handed down in this investigation. With that said, there are still four business days next week where Mueller may make an announcement and remain within the window that ends on September 7th.

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It is not clear if Todd is simply making a guess based on timing, or if he may actually be privy to something more. We don’t know, but I guess we will all find out within the next several hours.  The video of Chuck Todd making these comments can be seen below, starting at the 40-minute mark:

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