MSNBC: There’s Lots of Democratic Pressure on Bloomberg to Drop Out

Michael Bloomberg gas certainly been one of the most visible of the 2020 Democratic candidates. The billionaire former Mayor of New York City has spent a ton of money on commercials that have run all over the country.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The ads may not be working, though. Bloomberg wasn’t eligible in the first few Democratic primaries. And with poor expected results on Super Tuesday, MSNBC is reporting that Bloomberg is being pressured to drop from the race.

Josh Lederman of NBC News said on Tuesday, “Intense pressure tonight on Mike Bloomberg to bow out of the race – clear a path for Joe Biden. We’ve been talking to Democratic officials. Senior people within the party. People who have a lot of influence who have acknowledged they’re in touch with the Bloomberg campaign trying to make the case that now is the time for the sake of party unity to step aside. Particularly the party really coalesced behind Joe Biden.”

Bloomberg has shown no interest in leaving the race in an attempt to help Biden. Lederman continued, “So far, Mike Bloomberg has been defiant. We heard from him earlier this morning that Miami, where he said that he’s not taking votes away from Joe Biden. Joe Biden is taking votes away from him. He said that his path to the nomination if there is one, is through a contested convention. Where nobody gets a majority of delegates and they duke it out at the convention.”

The full results of Super Tuesday won’t be known until tomorrow.

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