MSNBC Reporter: Trump and RNC May be Too Broke To Hold Rallies This Summer

There are few things that Donald Trump loves more than basking in the love and adulation of his supporters. And now that he is the Republican nominee for the presidency, he is likely looking at holding many more rallies over the summers. 

Unfortunately for the former President, a lot of the money he is raising isn't going toward his campaign. And because of that, MSNBC's Vaughn Hilliard says there may be fewer events this year. 

Hilliard told Katy Tur, "Fast forward here to 2024. Not only are they looking at a deficit in finances compared to Biden, but also there’s the reality here at play that $80 billion have already gone towards legal-related expenses over the last two years from Trump-affiliated super PACs. So they’re already starting into a deficit."

The reporter continued, "Money can also help towards — this is my my big shtick here — money can help towards actually putting folks on the ground in these states. In the areas where they are going to rely on to pull off victories are in rural parts of Georgia, rural parts of Wisconsin, rural parts of Michigan, rural parts of Arizona. And to get folks that normally don’t vote, you got to go and tell them, ‘We need you to come vote.'"

Hilliard closed:

"And you can go and have a rally in those places, but those rallies cost $400,000. I mean this is where — don’t expect to see Donald Trump to be parading around the country, because those events cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to put on. They’re in a predicament now, whether they like to admit it or not."