MSNBC Panel Rips GOP for Embrace of Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘Greene and the Mob Are One in the Same’

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace tore into the GOP’s coddling of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) onĀ Deadline Whitehouse on Thursday afternoon, blasting the Republican Party for devolving into a dangerous, seditious mob of conspiracy theorists.

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Wallace’s frustration with the refusals by party bigwigs to rein in the crazies was palpable:

Greene took to the House floor to over – I don’t even know what to call it – a half-hearted, semi-walk back of some of her worst – it’s not worth repeating the excuses, or her belated acknowledgment that school shootings and 9/11 were real at all. But then the defiant tweet this morning: ‘It’s not just me they want to cancel. They want to cancel every Republican. Don’t let the mob win.’ Greene wrote that – ‘don’t let the mob win.’ Greene and the mob are one and the same. Greene and the mob are on the same side. Greene and the mob, and the insurrectionists are all on the side that storm the Capitol in that deadly riot. The mob is now under intense scrutiny by law enforcement with serious charges piling up. The mob is really hoping that the GOP votes with them and lets Greene slide today. While the rest of us, we’re just waiting and watching to see if the Republican Party will separate itself from the mob today.”

Former Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) agreed with Wallace and called out Greene for lying about her affiliation with QAnon:

On December 4th, she said that an article that called QAnon objective information and unifying for Christians was accurate,. On December 4th. We’re not talking about when she was in college. We’re not talking about when she didn’t know any better. This was after she was elected to the House of Representatives. She was lauding an article that called QAnon objective and saying how accurate that article was. She’s lying on the floor of the House in order to avoid being removed from her committees.

Watch below:

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