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MSNBC Panel Declares Ronald Greene’s Death a ‘Lynching’ by Louisiana State Police

MSNBC Panel Declares Ronald Greene’s Death a ‘Lynching’ by Louisiana State Police

MSNBC anchor Tiffany Cross on Saturday broke down while reviewing body camera footage that was released on Friday – following an inexplicable two-year delay – which showed four white Louisiana State Police officers beating Ronald Greene to death after they had handcuffed, tased, and dragged him out of his car following a high-speed chase in 2019.

The Department had initially told Greene’s family that he had died in a car crash.


“Please be warned that these images are very difficult and painful to watch,” Cross said.

“You can see one of the officers kicking and stepping on the 49-year-old. A handcuffed Greene tries to roll over, but officers order him to remain face down on his stomach. We then see officers holding up his limp body,” Cross continued as her voice started to give out. “It took 9 minutes for Greene to receive medical help. That is after he was tased by white troopers, choked, and dragged by his shackled ankles.”

Former Louisiana State Trooper Chris Hollingsworth (who is now deceased) can be heard saying in the video:

And I beat the ever-living f*** out of him, choked him and everything else trying to get him under control and we finally got him in handcuffs when a third man got there and the son of a b*tch was still fighting and we was still wrestling with him trying to hold him down because he was spitting blood everywhere. And then all of a sudden he just went limp.

Cross then turned to The Nation columnist Elie Mystal – one of her guest panelists on The Cross Connection – to try to make sense of what happened.

“I have to start with you, because I am outraged and exhausted and angry. That video is practically unwatchable, and I think about that man’s family and his mother, and what they must be going through, and I just wonder. This is clearly not a system that can be reformed. What can we do to stop this, because it feels like it’s just time to burn it down, you know?” Cross said.

“We ask please stop killing us, it hasn’t happened. At this point it’s a demand and it’s still not happening. What do we do?” she pled.

Greene noted that what happened to Greene was nothing short of a modern-day lynching:

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First of all I just want to validate the emotion in your voice. You’re emotional because you just showed your viewers a lynching. That’s what they did to that man.

The video doesn’t even show the beating that that man took before he got out of the car, a beating that we know happened because the cop admitted to it! Admitted to it on the radio to his supervisor that he just beat that man, that led to his death! That’s on the video! We can’t get that cop in for questioning because the cop died later in a car accident. This is what happens when you coverup the lynching. The witnesses go away. They go into the wind and we can’t always find them.

This was a lynching that the Louisiana police covered up for 2 years, knowing full well what they did! What can we do about this lynching? Well as always, it starts with holding these people accountable for their actions. That sounds so simple and so kind of unsatisfying in a way, given what we all just saw, but it’s the first step, and it’s the first step that this country refuses to try! Hold these people accountable for what they admitted to doing on tape, and for what we saw them doing on video.

Watch below beginning at 1:40:

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