MSNBC Host Lists Ways Trump Has Sided With Russia (And It’s A Long List)

An MSNBC host listed out many ways in which U.S. President Donald Trump has sided with Russian President Vladimir Putin, or has otherwise acted in ways that go against American ideals in favor of Russian interests.

Nicolle Wallace, host of “Deadline: White House,” touted the myriad ways in which Trump’s actions amounted to suspicious behavior, per reporting from HuffPost. Wallace described the items in her list as “all the stuff Putin is getting” from Trump.

Among the items, Wallace included:

  • Trump siding with Russian intelligence over our allies and our own agencies’ assessments over allegations that the Kremlin interfered with the 2016 presidential election;
  • his announcement of withdrawing troops from Syria, a move that will strengthen Russia’s presence in the region;
  • calling NATO obsolete (and continuing to do so), as well as making various attacks against traditional Western allies;
  • dragging his feet when calls to implement sanctions against Russia were being made by Congress, and lifting some of said sanctions over the course of the past few months;
  • inviting Putin to visit him in Washington D.C., and congratulating the Russian leader on an election win he secured in 2018.

On that last point, it should be noted per reporting from the Guardian, that opposition leaders to Putin’s re-election campaign charged that there were significant instances of vote rigging and other anomalies. Despite what many may consider to be a questionable election win, Trump still congratulated the Russian president.

Wallace’s concerns didn’t stop with the list she developed prior to her program on Wednesday — as she was on the air, news broke regarding the Russia investigation.

There is “more evidence that Russia is running a disinformation campaign about Robert Mueller,” Wallace read on the air.

Trump has consistently been a critic of the Mueller-led investigation, frequently calling it a “witch hunt” in his many protestations over its delving into his administration.

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