MSNBC Host Has a Clever Way for Democrats to Counterpunch Republicans on Critical Race Theory

During last year’s Republican National Convention, the GOP proved that it essentially has no platform. The party has instead turned to fighting a culture war and voting down any kind of legislation.

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The latest hot topic for Republicans is Critical Race Theory. It is an advanced subject mostly taught in colleges and law schools. But Fox News hosts are telling viewers that their kids are learning about Critical Race Theory in preschool.

And Republican lawmakers in certain states are trying to use the CRT furor to prevent children from learning about civil rights at all. During a Sunday night tweet, Mehdi Hasan came up with a clever way for Democrats to rebut the argument.

The MSNBC host took to Twitter, writing, “‘Racist Republicans are trying to ban Martin Luther King from our schools.’ This is not a difficult message for Democrats to put out there. If they had the message discipline and ruthlessness of their Republican counterparts, that is.”

Hasan continued, “Shouldn’t every Republican in Congress be chased down a hallway by a reporter on Monday morning to get their answer to only one crucial question: ‘Do you agree with your colleagues in Texas that Dr Martin Luther King and his speech should be banned from our schools? Yes or no?'”

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