MSNBC Host Gives Withering Response To Republicans Telling The Elderly To Die To Reopen The Economy

As the nation heads toward May 1st in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, there is very real fear about the state of the economy with the nation and world still on lockdown.

NBC News/Wikimedia

There is also a very real movement to urge the reopening of things, despite the risk of mass death. MSNBC host and former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough is blasting the idea that the elderly and sick should die from coronavirus just to reopen the economy, though.

On the Thursday morning edition of his show, Scarborough said:

“There is a growing list of Republican senators, Republican congressmen and women, White House officials in the Republican Party that are saying, ‘Yeah, sure, senior citizens are going to die, but what the hell? We really got to get wall street moving again!”

Scarborough officially left the Republican Party because he could not stomach their devotion to President Donald Trump, though he remains a self-identified conservative.

Scarborough continued his tirade, pointing out the wealth and privilege of those who are suggesting that people dying from the COVID-19 pandemic for the sake of reopening the economy is an acceptable outcome, by saying:

“They’re telling other old people, ‘Yeah, you’re going to have to die, get over it, we got to get Wall Street started again.’ But you’re not going to see them have family reunions in a barn in central Louisiana… they know they don’t want their family members to die. They’re going to stay cloistered behind the gates of their homes. They’re going to stay cloistered in the United States Senate.”

Scarborough has made a habit of going after his former party ever since Trump first clinched the Republican nomination, and especially since he won the presidency.

Watch Scarborough’s outrage below:


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