MSNBC Columnist: Nancy Pelosi Should Not Swear in GOP Lawmakers-Elect Crying Voter Fraud

Republican congresspersons-elect and their incumbent confederates who have signed onto President Donald Trump’s coup to overturn the results of the 2020 election should not be sworn in, an MSNBC opinion columnist wrote on Sunday.

Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Dean Obeidallah, the host of The Dean Obeidallah Show on SiriusXM, has argued that GOP Trump allies peddling false claims about voter fraud have no right to take office because “they are telling us that their own election is likely illegitimate.”

More than 140 Republicans in the House and 14 in the Senate have vowed to challenge the January 6th certification of President-Elect Joe Biden’s Electoral college victory.

“How can any congressional Republican-elect who claims there was fraud or other voter irregularities in their own states be sworn into the new Congress when it commences on Jan. 3?” Obeidellah posited.

“We have candidates who purportedly won elections in Pennsylvania telling us all the elections results in the state — which would include their own — are ‘highly questionable and inaccurate’ because of alleged widespread illegality. What can we do but take them at their word?” he continued.

For the sake of consistency, “there’s simply no way come Jan. 3 at noon when the new Congress takes over, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi [D-CA)] can allow them to be sworn into office until there has been an investigation to ensure the validity of their alleged victories,” Obeidallah argued.

He noted that there is precedent for not seating a new member of Congress in the case of a contested election, pointing to “a congressional race in North Carolina’s 9th district. The evidence of election fraud on the part of the GOP candidate who had purportedly won, Mark Harris, was so rampant that the North Carolina election board refused to certify the results.”

Pelosi refused to swear in Harris, and ultimately, there was a new election.

“This same standard should apply to any other elected official who announces prior to Jan. 3 that she or he will be objecting to counting the electoral votes from their own state because of fraud,” wrote Obeidallah.

“And if they are sworn in but they continue to assert that their election was marked by fraud and other illegalities, then they should be removed by way of a two-thirds vote of the House,” he added.

“These Republicans can’t have it both ways, on one hand asserting voter irregularities in their state deems Biden’s win illegitimate, while on the other hand accepting their own elections,” Obeidallah said. “Unless of course these Republicans are arguing that there should be a double standard when it comes to elections: One for Democrats and one for themselves.”

But that is precisely what these Republicans are essentially doing.

Obeidallah, therefore, concluded that “Pelosi should take seriously the allegation by any elected official that their own election may be illegitimate because of widespread illegality or wrongdoing. And like she did with Harris, she should not swear in anyone until the allegations are fully investigated. Any other result will undermine the public’s confidence in our election process — which is already dangerously under attack by Trump and his comrades in arms.”

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