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MSNBC Anchor Shreds GOP Congressman for Challenging January 6 Election Certification

MSNBC Anchor Shreds GOP Congressman for Challenging January 6 Election Certification

A segment on MSNBC on Monday morning collapsed into a bitter argument over a last-ditch scheme by House Republicans to overturn the results of the 2020 election, despite an unbroken catalog of legal failures in state and federal courthouses across the country and at the United States Supreme Court that was fueled by President Donald Trump’s inability to substantiate his numerous voter fraud lies.

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NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent and Morning Joe substitute host Kasie Hunt got into a fiery spat with New York Republican Congressman Tom Reed, who is one of approximately 70 GOP lawmakers who have pledged to challenge Congress’s January 6 certification of President-Elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory.

“Well, first, I start with, you know, reminding members that we are members of Congress and we uphold the Constitution and as a proud Republican and as a proud conservative, I look to the Constitution to guide us through this, and it’s given us great comfort over the last 200 years how we are an example to the rest of the world,” Reed proclaimed.

“You recognize – a lot of folks on your show talked about President Trump – but what they have been missing the millions of Americans that are behind President Trump that do truly believe that this election was fraudulently taken from the president.,” Reed continued. “That’s their belief. Now, you may not agree with that. You may disagree with that, but that’s millions of American people that have to go through this process.”

Hunt pushed back, noting that Trump supporters “believe that because President Trump has told them that over and over and over and over again. That’s what they see on social media. I mean, that’s where that message is coming from.”

Reed said that Hunt’s assessment was “a complete disrespect to the wisdom of the American people, insisting, falsely, that “they have come to the conclusion on their own. You’re turning your back on the wisdom of the people that have come to that conclusion themselves,” Reed added. “That’s very disrespectful to the American people.”

Hunt was not buying the incredulous argument that Reed was making.

“Look, I try to be very careful. I cover you guys on the Hill every day, and I understand that you know, people vote the way they do because of the beliefs that they have. But you have Republican state officials – Republicans – elected Republicans saying that the results are legitimate, these results are real,” she said.

Georgia Secretary of state Brad Raffensperger, Hunt noted as an example, “has threats coming in against his family because he’s willing to do that. I’m not trying to denigrate people who are working hard and who are perhaps had different beliefs than those who vote for your colleagues on the other side of the aisle. That is not what I’m doing, but where is this message coming from? It’s coming from President Trump and it is being amplified on right-wing media.”

Reed, however, was adamant that the fallacious fantasies of reactionary conservatives are worthy of approbation equal to established facts.

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“I was one early to recognize the president-elect, and I stand for that transition of power, and that is what sees us through this time. But you need to have, make sure that you have an open ear to the millions of Americans that are going through this process that are very upset right now,” maintained Reed.

“They call my office incessantly, and what I do is I stand and I take those calls and we do town halls and we talk to them. We say you need to look at the big picture. You need to look at where our Constitution takes us and you need to understand in order to win elections you need to make sure that you win at the ballot box, and even if people may take advantage of the ballot box, maybe if people outfox you at the ballot box, you play at the ballot box and that’s where the debate ends.”

Biden won overwhelmingly at the ballot box – by seven million votes – and there is nothing the GOP’s seditious fringe can do about it.

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