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MSNBC Analyst: Mueller Report To ‘Make Nixon’s Criminal Behavior Look Like Jaywalking’

MSNBC Analyst: Mueller Report To ‘Make Nixon’s Criminal Behavior Look Like Jaywalking’

As the nation awaits for the Thursday release of the Russia investigation report from special counsel Robert Mueller, speculation is growing over what its contents may be — with many making the case that what’s inside won’t be good news for President Donald Trump.

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One MSNBC legal analyst, Glenn Kirschner, a former federal and U.S. Army prosecutor, believes that there are impeachable offenses within the report.

“I think there is a strong likelihood that the Mueller report will have evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors that will make Nixon’s criminal behavior looking like jaywalking,” Kirschner said. “Impeachment hearings are necessary to expose Trump’s transgressions, IMO.”

Some are concerned that the Mueller report will contain redactions that won’t allow the American public to get a full idea of what’s held within. Kirschner was optimistic, however, that “eventually, the entire report will be disclosed.”

He also joked a bit about Attorney General William Barr’s plans to “color code” the redactions, based off of what reasons he’s made to do so (such as grand jury information or information that relates to ongoing cases). Kirschner called such color-coding a “rainbow of obfuscation.”

According to previous reporting from HillReporter.com, the White House has already been briefed on the redacted version of the Mueller report that Barr plans to release on Thursday. The president’s team is said to be deeply concerned about its contents, and Trump himself has taken to Twitter to lambast the report in recent days.

Previously, Trump had given praise to the report, after Barr released a four-page letter describing its contents and writing that no criminal charges were planned. The president stated in a tweet that the report had provided him “complete and total exoneration.”


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