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Mr. Rogers Widow Joanne Rips Into Donald Trump

Mr. Rogers Widow Joanne Rips Into Donald Trump

When Donald Trump was growing up, Mr. Rogers had not yet his the airwaves. If it had, the 45th President might have learned some valuable lessons. Rogers taught children about patience and dignity and the importance of being kind.

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This week, Trump visited Fred Rogers’ hometown of Latrobe, Pennsylvania for a rally. The Daily Beast asked Rogers’ widow Joanne what she thought about the current President and she did not have very kind words to say.

Joanne Rogers explained, “Fred tried to stay pretty quiet about politics, basically because his program was for children. ’I’m alone now. I don’t do a program for children.”

She then went in on Trump, saying, “I  think he’s just a horrible person. I think maybe the fact that Mr Trump seldom tells the truth. If he does, it’s just a fluke, I think. But the fact [is] that I can’t believe anything he says, not even the simplest thing.”

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Joanne Rogers, however, did have some very kind things to say about Trump’s opponent. “I am a very big Biden fan,” she said. “I think he’s kind,” Joanna Rogers said. “I think we all need somebody like Biden who can give us little pats on the back.”

You can read the full interview here

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