Moving the Goalposts: Trump Tells his Supporters That Biden Will Do Well in Debates

Soon after Joe Biden secured the Democratic nomination, Donald Trump and the GOP went to work on his mental fitness. The party painted Biden to be completely mentally deficient, unable to make long speeches or even hold a debate.

David Lienemann/Wikimedia; The White House/Flickr

But with next week’s debate looming, Trump and his cronies are attempting to move the goal posts. The GOP is not painting Biden to be a skilled debater, well versed in political policy. During last nights event in Virginia, Trump repeatedly told his supporters that Biden will do well.

“They said ‘How do you think he’s going to do in the debate?’, I think good,” Trump said. “He’s been doing it for 47 years, I think he’s going to do good. I think.”

The president continued, “And one thing we know,if he does just okay, just okay, they’re going to say, the fake news, they’re going to say it was the single greatest debate performance in history.”

Continuing his attack on the media and how the event will be handled, Trump said, “[Biden] might even do well. But if he does well they’re going to say it’s the greatest debate performance, and they have it already written.”

The first presidential debate is set to take place on September 29th.

Watch a clip of Trump’s comments below, courtesy of Vox’s Aaron Rupar:

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