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Mother of the Year: Lauren Boebert’s 8-Yr-Old Son Seen on Video Playing with Cigarette Lighters Near Firearms

Mother of the Year: Lauren Boebert’s 8-Yr-Old Son Seen on Video Playing with Cigarette Lighters Near Firearms

In a now-deleted TikTok video reviewed by Salon.com and apparently recorded on July 25th, the 8-year-old son of Rep. Lauren Boebert (Q-CO) can be seen singing, dancing, and playing with cigarette lighters while left alone in a room a few feet away from a high-capacity rifle. This would appear to violate a new Colorado state law, under which gun owners are required to store their deadly weapons in a gun safe, with a trigger or cable lock, whenever the owner is aware, or should reasonably be aware, that a “juvenile or a resident who is ineligible to possess a firearm can gain access to the firearm.”

As a newly-elected member of Congress in February, Boebert was widely criticized after appearing at a House Natural Resources Committee meeting via Zoom before a backdrop of a bookshelf bearing several high-capacity weapons. The far-right lawmaker fired back on Twitter by suggesting that the weapons were loaded, posting, “Who says this is storage? These are ready for use.” Additional photos of the firearms in question suggest that two of the rifles were loaded with 30-round magazines and a third with an even larger magazine. Firearm magazines that hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition at any one time, such as those Boebert appears to possess, have been banned in Colorado since 2013.

The bookshelf and chair seen in that February Zoom call are also visible in several of the videos featuring Boebert’s son, which indicate that she was in the bedroom of her home in Silt, Colorado, for the congressional meeting.

In one video, Boebert’s son says that Donald Trump “is the real president, not Joe Biden — Joe Biden sucks.” Then he explains, “My mom is Lauren Boebert” before describing a red cigarette lighter as Biden and a green lighter as Trump. In several other videos, Boebert’s son lights and relights the lighters, tossing them on the floor behind him towards the rifle.

In the July 25th video, Boebert’s son was seen dancing alone in that same bedroom, close to a weapon that appears to be one of the same rifles seen loaded during the February Zoom call. It’s in a different position in the July video, leaning casually against the headboard of a bed, near what appears to be a handgun lying on the floor.

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Boebert has ignored safety measures designed to protect children in the past. Boebert pled guilty to failing to use child restraints while driving in 2011 and was charged with the same offense in 2017 but pled guilty to a lesser charge. In May 2020, Boebert said that she had not had health insurance for her four sons for the previous three years, “We’re a family of six, and we haven’t had health insurance for, gosh, maybe three years, maybe more than that.”

In 2018, Boebert explained gun safety by saying, “Accidents happen by being careless or ignorant. Either people don’t know what they’re doing, or they think they know everything.”

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