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Most Trump Voters Think The Coronavirus Threat Is Exaggerated, Poll Finds

Most Trump Voters Think The Coronavirus Threat Is Exaggerated, Poll Finds

As President Donald Trump continues to urge his supporters to “liberate” states from stay-at-home orders — even while doing so contradicts his own administration’s advice on how to “reopen” those states’ economies — a majority of Americans believe that coronavirus is a serious issue.

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Sixty-four percent of Americans say as much, while just 24 percent say the pandemic is an “exaggerated” crisis, according to a Yahoo/YouGov poll published over the weekend. But when you look at self-identified Trump voters, it’s a completely different story.

Of those who said they voted for Trump in 2016, 45 percent say the threat from coronavirus is exaggerated, while just 43 percent say it’s something to legitimately be worried over.

As of Monday afternoon, more than 41,300 Americans have died from the disease. Before the end of August, it’s estimated that more than 60,000 will die from coronavirus in the U.S., and that’s only if social distancing measures are kept in place until then, according to medical experts.

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More Americans tend to trust those experts over economists when it comes to how we do reopen things in the country, with 56 percent saying doctors and medical experts should be listened to more, while only 7 percent put more trust in economists. Thirty-seven percent say both should be listened to equally.

Americans overall give the Trump administration bad marks on how it has handled the crisis so far. Thirty-nine percent say they’re satisfied with how they’ve acted, while 44 percent say they are not.

Trust in Trump is dismally low, too, with only 35 percent in the poll saying they trust the president to be honest about what he says regarding the crisis. Meanwhile, 53 percent say they don’t trust Trump to tell them the truth about what’s going on with coronavirus.

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