“Most Openly Corrupt Thing Any Senator Has Said” Ted Cruz Called Out By Ethics Boss For ‘Selling Access’

If you’re the Director of the United States Office for Government Ethics, you have probably witnessed your share of corruption. If a former holder of that office declares something the “most openly corrupt thing any senator has said,” that’s not exactly a low bar. Enter Ted Cruz.

[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Walter Shaub, who served in that role from 2013 to 2017, attached that descriptor to a recent op-ed and tweet from, of course, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). The op-ed, posted in Wall Street Journal and covered by Hill Reporter here last week, centered on the aid that large corporations get from the government, such as tax forgiveness and legislation that supports and enriches them.

Many of these same CEOs, however, are now weighing in on new election laws, such as Georgia’s reinforcement of a rule forbidding people to supply water to voters waiting in hours-long lines, and saying these aren’t good for America. Cruz, expressing outrage in his op-ed, declared that Republicans will no longer take money from these companies, and will no longer ‘look the other way’ when these corporations owe back taxes, or support them with ‘corporate welfare.’

Shaub responded to the tweet in which Cruz linked the op-ed, calling it the “most openly corrupt thing any senator has said,” and declaring Cruz and his ilk “these crooks” who “sell access” — but also suggesting that Cruz wasn’t being too bright by declaring this openly. “Others have the sense not to admit it.”

Cruz, who has railed against what he calls “cancel culture,” also declares in the op-ed that “Republicans buy sneakers too” — quoting Michael Jordan, who told ESPN last year that the comment was made in jest.

In context, though, Cruz seems to be suggesting that not only will Republicans in government make life harder for corporations whose CEOs take more liberal social stances, but that the general public will also be encouraged to ‘cancel’ them.

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