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Morning Joe: Will GOP Really Let ‘Crazy’ Trump Tank the Party in 2022 Midterms [VIDEO]

Morning Joe: Will GOP Really Let ‘Crazy’ Trump Tank the Party in 2022 Midterms [VIDEO]

There is no doubt that Donald Trump is incredibly popular with Republican voters. But there is also no doubt that the former president is very unpopular with both Democrats and Independents. Thanks to Trump, Democrats were able to retake the House in 2018 and the Senate and the White House in 2020.

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And while Trump has grown even more unstable since the election, spreading conspiracy theories and hosting unhinged rallies, the party seems to be completely behind him. During his Thursday show, Joe Scarborough wondered how long Republicans are going to allow him to tank the party.

The Morning Joe host began, “”A lot of people are looking at those comments, those bizarre comments, [and] took it as a tell that the guy wasn’t going to run in 2024. They don’t go around saying, ‘Hey, look back at 2020 and figure all of that out and create a conspiracy theory that helps me justify my loss there or republicans are not going to win in ’22 or ’24. It’s crazy talk.”

Scarborough continued:

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“I’ve always said the Republicans were day trading and this guy was going to do more to destroy the party in the long-term than anybody else ever could on the Democratic side. if you are a Georgia Republican and you have seen Donald Trump elect Ralph Warnock and Jon Ossoff, and now you have Stacey Abrams [who] is going to be running against Brian Kemp, who is a popular Republican governor, but Donald Trump is telling his base don’t vote for Kemp, vote for Stacey Abrams. If you are a Georgia Republican, you’ve got to be thinking, ‘This guy is a cancer on our state GOP party.'”

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