Morning Joe: Why Would Anyone Support Trump After Memorial Day Antics

Donald Trump has always been quite offensive when it comes to the United States military. From saying that he didn't respect John McCain because he was captured to telling a Gold Star wife that her husband knew what he signed up for, he has long disrespected the military. 

That continued this weekend as Trump wrote about human scum and attempted to make the day of remembrance about himself. The Morning Joe panel wondered why Americans could still vote for the man. 

Joe Scarborough began, "We've heard from President Trump's own staff members about him being completely baffled by service to one's country in the military, by the loss of life, basically calling those who were killed losers. The contrast not just between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, but between Donald Trump and every president that's ever served this country before when we get to this point."

The host continued

"I must say, too, the people who we have discussed before in their little fleece vests who, we talk about it for money, them supporting Trump because they think they'll make more money. It's ridiculous because the Dow is at 40,000. This is something else I've never been able to figure out. The very people who spent their entire life beating their chest self-righteously about their patriotism, telling the left that they don't love America, America love it or leave it. These are the very people supporting a man who denigrates the memory of those who have served and sacrificed all for America."