Morning Joe: Tommy Tuberville is a 'Dumb Idiot' who 'Makes Things Up'

While the House GOP is in a constant state of chaos, the Republican members of the Senate usually keep things more organized under the leadership of Mitch McConnell. The body, however, does have a problem when it comes to Alabama lawmaker Tommy Tuberville. 

Tuberville, a former college football coach, has used his power as a senator to bar promotions within the military. While most Republican senators disagree with the Alabama Republicans' stance, they haven't been able to change his mind on the issue. 

This week, Tuberville attempted to explain his actions, but those explanations, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski say, only make the Republican look stupid."I mean, he is an idiot," Brzezinski said. "Everybody in the senate wishes he would stop this, even some of his Republican counterparts. Why don't they do something? Quite frankly, he's not just being a dumb idiot. He is making our military less safe."

Scarborough then weighed in, "You do have people, when they get desperate, when they get pushed into a corner, they understand 70 percent, 75 percent of Americans are against them."

The host continued:

"They understand they're going to lose election after election after election after election because Donald Trump has, as he said, Donald Trump has terminated the right of women to make a decision over the freedom of them, over their bodies, over their health care. So they understand, so they make things up like this, talking about murder, saying the Pentagon can't tell us whether they're going to allow murder. I mean, again, just making it up."