Morning Joe Rips Mike Johnson For Trashing The United States

Since Joe Biden took office in 2020, Republican politicians and their media arm seem to be rooting against America. Whenever there is a positive jobs report, the Fox News hosts look deeply upset about it. 

Republican congresspeople often paint the country, especially in Blue major cities, as a horrible hellscape of wokeness and acceptance. Mike Johnson, the new Speaker of the House has been heard to say that the country is depraved. Joe Scarborough took aim at those comments this morning, saying:

"I have to go back to the question I asked yesterday, I'm serious – why do Republicans hate America so much? I'm an evangelical. I believe, whether people think it's crazy or not, I believe, you know, what the Gospels say. I believe what the Sermon on the Mount says. I believe in Jesus. We're all sinners, we're all fallen, right?"

The Morning Joe host continued, "But I'm very optimistic about America's future. I see the good in people, I see the good in the country. It is interesting, he is trying to dig statistics about, I don't know, drag queen shows or something?"

Scarborough closed, "But I've got to say, if he's worried about pews emptying out, talk to young people. So many will tell you – Russell Moore has talked about this in Christianity Today – they're emptying out because they don't want to go to a church where preachers worship Donald Trump instead of Jesus Christ."