Morning Joe Panel: Trump Didn't Get What He Hoped For in the Bronx

Being that he has to attend court every day in New York City,  Donald Trump is somewhat limited as to where he can hold rallies during the week. And in an attempt to court Black and Latino voters, the former President decided to hold a rally in the Bronx. 

Trump flaks were quick to say that he had an impressive showing. The problem was that the majority of the crowd was made up of the same kind of people you see at normal Trump rallies, they had just traveled from outside of the Bronx. The Morning Joe panel discussed the event this on Friday. 

Fill-in host Jonathan Lemire began, "Yeah, it'd be the first time Trump ever exaggerated about crowd size, never happened before. Yes, he drew a sizable crowd to a deep blue part of New York City — if it is 7,000 or so. But the Bronx, of course, has a population of 1.4 million so it is a pretty small percentage of people who showed up for Donald Trump."

Eugene Robinson jumped in, "He's talking about his pants. He's talking about all this ridiculous stuff. And it is somewhat entertaining, but, you know, it sounds to me — I was looking around last night to try to figure out how many people actually showed up, it seems to really be in the low single-digit thousands, maybe not 7,000 from the sources I was looking at. Maybe fewer than that."

Elise Jordan closed, "Gene makes the point that there wasn't really the crowd that probably Trump had hoped for. Doesn't really seem to really be the energy either. You know, the Trump show back in 2016, it was something that you tuned into a little bit because it was so freaky. Now, he has lost his ability to shock because he's said so many horrible things by now, he is running low on material."